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US History


  • Keep documentation throughout the trimester of all your work, to keep examples of the knowledge you collected/learned, and to create a system to keep all that learning organized
  • Create a Portfolio of past works in Schoology (Instructions for creating a Schoology Portfolio

Bell Ringer:

Access the Trimester B Portfolio Assignment


  1. Review Requirements of Portfolio
  2. Examine “How to make a Schoology Portfolio”
  3. Review Trimester Tracking Sheets with instructor

IB 20th Century World


  • Examine the short and long term effects of the Spanish Civil War.
  • Analyze the art and literature inspired by the Spanish Civil War.
  • Evaluate the role the Spanish Civil War could have played on WWII.

Bell Ringer:

Access and work on Guernica Discussion


  1. Review Guernica Discussion and examine short/long term effects
  2. Complete Preston Reading Quiz
  3. Finish Spanish Civil War Chart!
  4. Portfolios Due Friday!
  5. Final Timed Essay on Friday.


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