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Weekly Checklist

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US History

  • Day 1: New Deal Discussion and New Deal VOC
  • Day 2: New Deal VOC Quiz and WPA Poster Analysis and Question
  • In Class/Online: New Deal Webquest and Flip Grid

IB 20th Century World

  • Review Vietnam War Bios Assignment (Summative Due 4/20)
  • Fog of War Stations
  • What Kind of World Do we Want Survey and Discussion

IB History of the Americas

  • Booker T, WEB and Marcus Discussion
  • WEB, Booker T and Garvey Outline Analysis
  • Teaching ‘The New Jim Crow’ Reading and Handout (Summative)

Weekly Checklist

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US History P. 3 and 5

Day 1: Causes of Great Depression, Great Depression VOC and Great Depression VOC Quiz (Summative)

In class/online: Great Depression Research Question (Summative)

IB 20th Century World

Day 1: Causes of War Discussion, Causes of War VOC and Fog of War Synopsis and Background Discussion

Distance Learning Assign: Fog of War 11 Lessons of War

IB History of the Americas

Day 1: Harlem Renaissance Pear Deck Presentation

Day 2: Harlem Renaissance Visual Portfolio Presentation

US History P. 6

Day 1: Causes of Great Depression and Great Depression VOC

Day 2: Great Depression VOC Quiz (Summative) and Great Depression Research Question

In class/online: Great Depression Webquest Flipgrid (Summative)