Hi world!  My name is Art Wachholz and I am a teacher at Park Center High School in District 279 Osseo.  I am a Reading Specialist and Humanities instructor.

I have taught at Park Center since 2012 when I was hired as a Reading Specialist.  In 2013, I began teaching history as part of the Individuals and Societies department.

Previously, I taught reading remediation at Rockford High School in Rockford, MN as well as AVID and Senior Seminar.  Before coming to Minnesota in 2010, I was at Bogan High School in Chicago, IL for five years as a Social Studies teacher.

The following blog offers the daily agenda for my students along with assignments and projects they can access outside of the classroom.

As a teacher I know that free stuff and new ideas are the bomb!  So teachers…  feel free to download and use whatever you like.  (If you do think about using this stuff to make money, I only ask for 10%).

So…  I hope you enjoy the site and come back again!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email  Also follow me on Twitter @WachholzaM

Listen to the following talk by Alexis Ohanian from  He explains how the Internet is a level playing field.  In education, I hope that it one day will level the playing field for all students and teachers in the urban, suburban and rural classrooms around the United States.  This blog is my way of doing that…  What’s yours?

  1. I am in the IB application process as the history guru…don your Santa hat, as your blog is a lovely gift!!!

  2. Love the site, Art! I’m finishing my first year teaching HotA at Detroit Country Day School and was fishing for ideas. While I plan to use some of your materials, I won’t be making money off them. Rest assured, you’ll get proper citations. My site is neither as extensive nor are the archives as easily accessed as yours but I’m more than happy to share. My great disappointment from the FLIBS conference was the lack of resource materials and ideas. Guess we’ll have to create a network of our own. Well done!

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