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Agenda Finals Days

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  1. Announcements
  2. Personal Project Showcase
  3. PRIDE Time

US History


  • Identify and explain the causes, events, and outcomes of Reconstruction.
  • Understands the impact of immigration and technological advances on the economic boom of the 2nd Industrial Revolution
  • Identify, explain, and evaluate the causes, events, and outcomes of Westward Expansion on America.
  • Describes the major political, economic, and social reform movements of the Progressive Era
  • Identify, explain, and evaluate the cause, events, and outcomes of the U.S. involvement in world affairs.
  • Evaluates the causes and effects of the Great Depression and understands how the New Deal impacted the role of government.

Bell Ringer:

Work on Portfolios


  1. Tri B Portfolios Due 3/6 2 pm
  2. Trimester Tracking Sheets
  3. Watch Seabiscuit!

IB 20th Century World


  • Create an outline and graphic organizers to analyze the causes, practices and effects of the Algerian, Falklands and Spanish Civil Wars.

Bell Ringer:

Review Topic 11 Portfolio


  1. Work on Portfolios due 3/6
  2. Timed Essay in Class on Friday!