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US History


  • Identify and explain the causes, events, and outcomes of the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  • Compare and contrast the regional economies, societies, the debate over slavery and how that created conditions that led to the Civil War.
  • Describe how the institution of slavery ends, while a new racial caste system of segregation is put in place.

Bell Ringer:

Open the Reconstruction Research Question Summative Assessment


  1. Discuss Assessment
  2. Complete by end of class
  3. Answer Reflection Questions for Unit 1 Playlist and Turn in

IB 20th Century World


  • Plan an historical investigation by choosing a topic and creating a question to answer.
  • Summarize and assess evidence used to answer the question by analyzing the value and limitations of sources with respect to their origin and purpose.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Nature of History Text and read p. 13-17


  1. Discuss Fact vs. Opinion
  2. Complete Exercise A Set 2/3 and turn in
  3. Review Section 1 Assign on Prezi
  4. Complete Section 1 Discussion For HW

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