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  1. Announcements
  2. Midterm Grades
  3. Review Process Journal 10/9

US History p. 4


  • Identify terms that deal with early political ideas of Washington.
  • Analyze the political ideas which emerged under Washington with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

Bell Ringer:

Open Chromebooks and access Unit 3 Folder


  1. Review choice assign due 10/9:
    • to score a 2: #4 What is the Constitution Disc? using , #5 Ch 6 Sec 1 VOC with terms Judicial Act 1789, Alexander Hamilton, Cabinet, National Bank, Democratic-Republican and Two-party system, #6 Ch 6 Sec 1 VOC Quiz
    • to score a 3:  What’s Up Doc?  GW Presidency
    • to score a 4:  Hamilton vs. Jefferson Essay

US History p. 5


  • Review Midtri performance and complete Mid-Tri Tracking Sheet.
  • Evaluate knowledge of Units 1 and 2 in US History
  • Reflect on previous assessments and create US History Portfolios
  • Identify Thomas Jefferson and his impact as President.
  • Analyze the political ideals that Jefferson brought to the American government.
  • Analyze the differences between Federalists and Democratic-Republicans.
  • Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

Bell Ringer:

Log into Chromebook and go to Schoology page for US History.  Open Portfolio Instructions Link and follow along with instructor.


  1. Create US History Portfolio
  2. Review Mid-Tri Tracking Sheets
  3. Review choice assign due 10/11:
    • to score a 2:  #7 Fed vs. Dem Rep Disc, #8 Ch 6 Sec 2-3 VOC with terms Battle of Fallen Timbers, Jay Treaty, 12th Amendment, Judiciary Act of 1801, John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison and judicial review and #9 Ch 6 Sec 2-3 VOC Quiz
    • to score a 3:  Two Party System Disc  
    • to score a 4:  Fed vs Dem Rep Slogan

IB 20th Century World


  • Understand and analyze the ideas presented in Guns, Germs and Steel documentary

Bell Ringer:

Access Unit 2 Folder and open Guns, Germs and Steel Assign


  1. Watch Videos
  2. Summarize each video
  3. Turn in by Midnight

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