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US History

Bell Ringer:
Read p 468-469 and answer What do you think was different and what was similar about race relations in the North and South in the 1960s?


Whole Group
1. Discuss Voting Rights Notes
2. Mississippi Burning/Malcolm X

Whole Group Review
3. Civil Rights CLSAssign/MLK vs Malcolm X Essay
4. GR: Early Demands for Equality


World History

Bell Ringer:

Look at the Direct/Indirect Rule chart on p 780 and answer the following question: Which of these types of Imperial rule would be easier to overcome in an effort for African independence?

1. Discuss Chart and link to p 1012 Ind Movements
2. Complete Ch 34 Sec 3 VOC
3. African Independence Chart: Ghana, Kenya, Zaire, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria and South Africa
4. Collect Charts

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