In Friday on September 12, 2008 at 10:51 am

IB History of the Americas

1.  Bell Ringer

2.  What’s Up Doc? Discussion

3.  Committee’s Response Documents and Disc Questions

4.  HW:  Study for RQ #1 on Monday/Dist Term List AP Ch 7 and GW Essay


1.  Bell Ringer

2.  PP Pres. Ch 10 Sec 3

3.  World’s Constable Cartoon Analysis

4.  HW:  Spanish American War Webquest

  1. does the cartoon have to have an article with it or like a descrition?

  2. hey mr.w…. it’s raquel.b. i was wondering if i can take the RQ#1 on tuesday because i wouldn’t be able to make it on monday ok.bye

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