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  • Beginning of Year Reflections

IB History of the Americas

  • Review GW Summatives
  • Causes of Independence Discussion
  • Born in Blood Reading Ch 2-3 and Questions
  • Finish Ch 4 Ind Move by Friday

US History P. 5

  • Jackson Triumphant OPVL
  • Unit 4 Kahoot Review
  • Discuss Unit 4 Choice Summatives
    • To Score a 2: Unit 4 Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Summative Objective Quiz
    • To Score a 3: Unit 4 Summative Doc Analysis “American Progress” Painting
    • To Score a 4: Unit 4 Summative Essay Westward Expansion

US History P. 7

  • Guided Notetaking Pear Deck Nationalism and Westward Expansion
  • Finish Choice Formatives for Unit!!!

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