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  • Report to Auditorium for Sr Meeting

IB History of the Americas

  • Committees of Correspondence Discussion
  • Taking Arms and Challenge of Slavery Hyperdoc
  • Summative Reading Quiz in class tomorrow!

US History 5th Hour

  • Federalist vs. Democratic Republican Discussion
  • Introduce choice assignments due at end of class:
    • to score a 2:  #4 Ch 6 Sec 2-3 VOC Quiz
    • to score a 3:  Two Party System Disc and 
    • to score a 4:  Fed vs Dem Rep Slogan

US History 7th Hour

  • Review choice formatives due today:
    • to score a 2: #3 Ch 6 Sec 1 VOC Quiz
    • to score a 3:  What’s Up Doc?  GW Presidency
    • to score a 4:  Hamilton vs. Jefferson Essay