Weekly Checklist

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2021 at 12:38 pm

US History

  • Day 1: Counterculture: From Feminism to the Environment, Social Movements VOC and Quiz
  • Day 2: GV Woodstock (6th hour only!!!)
  • Social Movement Campaign Poster

IB 20th Century World

  • Question 15 Summative
  • South African Bureaucracy Slide Presentation
  • Playlist Formatives:
    • Effect of Apartheid on SA Society
    • National Party Electoral Discussion
    • Opposition to Apartheid Discussion
    • Boycott Timeline
    • Defiance Campaign and Freedom
    • Sharpeville vs. Soweto Analysis
    • Ch 6 Protests and Action Assignment

IB History of the Americas

  • Awards Day!!!
  • Turn… Washington’s Spies

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