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Weekly Checklist

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US History

  • Introduction
    • Mr. W’s TikTok
    • Week 1 Video/Syllabus
  • First Day Get to Know You Form
  • Syllabus Breakdown Assignment
  • Our Class Google Slides Presentation
  • US History Kahoot Scavenger Hunt

IB 20th Century World

  • Introduction
    • Mr. W’s TikTok
    • DP Course Syllabus and Week 1 Intro
    • DP Course Syllabus and Expectations and Intro Video Quiz
  • Intro Video Week 1 IB 20th Century World
  • Story Starter Discussion
  • The Account Video
  • Eyewitness to History Quiz
  • General Knowledge Video
  • General Knowledge Discussion

IB History of the Americas

  • Introduction
    • DP Intro Video and Quiz
  • My Personal History Intro Week 1
  • Discussion of My Summer Video
  • Brainstorm, Plan and Create “My Summer” Presentation
  • Create and Record “My Summer” Presentation
  • My Personal History Project