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US History


  • Describe the cause and effect of the industrial revolution in the US.
  • Analyze the relationship between technology and its effect on bringing the industrial revolution to come to the US.

Bell Ringer:

  • Work on Finishing Unit 1 if not complete with Portfolio or Unit 1 Summative.
  • Pick up a Unit 2 Playlist if finished with Unit 1.
  • Set Goals and then Take Notes using Quizlet in Folder on Cornell Note Paper.


  1. Take Notes on Unit 2
  2. Play Quizlet Live
  3. Turn in Notes
  4. Go over Unit 2 Playlist and Assignments

IB 20th Century World


  • Plan, summarize, evaluate, and analyze a question for historical investigation. 

Bell Ringer:

  • Access IA Unit in Schoology.
  • Open and read through all IA Intro Docs Folder.


  1. Guide Students through Prezi
  2. Review Calendar and Rubrics
  3. Read an IA Example
  4. For Homework Read “Skills for IB History Internal Assessment” Link in Schoology


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