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US History


  • I can understand the extension, restriction, and reorganization of political democracy after 1800.
  • I can understand the course, character, and outcome of the Civil War

Bell Ringer:

Must turn in Unit 1 Portfolios to Access Summative!


  1. Complete all Formative Work!
  2. Summatives Due Friday!

IB 20th Century World


  • Describe the events surrounding the Battle of Algiers.
  • Analyze the impact of the use of terror on the Battle of Algiers on 20th century warfare.
  • Evaluate the film Battle of Algiers as a historical source.
  • Identify key events, people and ideas that apply to war in the 20th century.
  • Apply ideas from Algerian War for Independence to essay questions for paper 2 exam.

Bell Ringer:

Work on Film Review Summative


  1. Questions about Film Review
  2. Summative due at end of class
  3. Review Topic 11 Portfolio/Algeria Graphic Organizer

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