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US History


  • I can understand the extension, restriction, and reorganization of political democracy after 1800.
  • I can understand the course, character, and outcome of the Civil War

Bell Ringer:

Get a sheet of Cornell Note paper.  Put name, class hour and subject at top.  In Topic write “CMS Reconstruction Videos”.


  1. Explain completing SPQ for three videos from CMS Reconstruction Link in Schoology
  2. Turn in “CMS Reconstruction Videos” Notes by end of class
  3. Work on Unit 1 Reconstruction Portfolio

IB 20th Century World


  • Apply knowledge of key terms and events in the Algerian War to a graphic organizer.
  • Analyze the factors which lead to guerilla war and challenges this warfare presents to combatants.

Bell Ringer:

Open Chromebook and go to VOC#1 in Algerian War Folder.


  1. Review Vocab and Use Smith text to complete assign
  2. Guerilla War Video
  3. Complete Guerilla War Discussion
  4. Read Smith and Vadney by tomorrow!

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