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US History


  • I can understand the extension, restriction, and reorganization of political democracy after 1800.
  • I can understand the course, character, and outcome of the Civil War

Bell Ringer:

Get a sheet of Cornell Note paper.  Put name, class hour and subject at top.  In Topic write “SPQ”.


  1. Discuss SPQ Presentation
  2. Work on Unit 1 Reconstruction Portfolio

IB 20th Century World


  • Evaluate written essays describing the impact of the colonial legacy on independence movements in the 20th century.
  • Analyze the causes, practices and effects of 20th century wars.

Bell Ringer:

Sit in groups of 5-6 students.


  1. Review Grade Off Directions
  2. Complete Rounds 3 and Final of Grade Off
  3. Intro Topic 11 Paper 2 Portfolio/Algerian War Graphic Organizer
  4. Start Causes and Vadney Reading and finish by Friday.

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