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US History


  • Identify political parties and their platform’s during the 1850’s with a focus on the Whigs, Democrats, Republicans, Know-Nothings and Free Soilers.
  • Compare and contrast the party platforms of the emerging parties during the 1850’s.
  • Identify and explain the historical significance of the Dred Scott case, the Lincoln-Douglas debates and the Freeport Doctrine.
  • Evaluate the opinions of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas on the issue of slavery, popular sovereignty, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision.

Bell Ringer:

Take out Chromebooks and go to Schoology.  Open Unit 5.


  1. Watch HipHughes on Brooks vs. Sumner Discussion as a class
  2. Review choice assign due 11/12 or 13:
    • #8 Brooks v. Sumner Discussion, #9 Ch 10 Sec 3-4 VOC and #10 Ch 10 Sec 3-4 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3: Debate and Lincoln-Douglas Campaign Posters 
    • To score a 4:1850’s Political Parties Hyperdoc

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify and explain the origins and methods used to fight for Vietnam’s independence.
  • Place ideas from documentary onto a timeline in sequential order.

Bell Ringer:

Access the Vietnam Timeline in Schoology


  1. Watch Vietnam a Television History Pt. I:  Roots of War