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IB History of the Americas

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US History


  • Describe the flowering and decline of the counterculture in the 1960s
  • Summarize the impact of the counterculture on art, fashion, music, and attitudes
  • Explain the conservative response to the counterculture
  • Summarize the legacy of the women’s movement in employment, education, and politics
  • Identify key environmental issues of the 1970s
  • Explain the goals of the continuing environmental movement

Bell Ringer:

View the #14 Counterculture Presentation From Feminism to the Environment Discussion.


  1. Discuss Counterculture, Feminism and Environment
  2. Review choice assign due 5/8:
    • To score a 2:#14 The Counterculture:  From Feminism to the Environment Discussion, #15 VOC Ch 24 Sec 4 and #Social Movements Quiz
    • To score a 3: GV:  Woodstock

      To score a 4: Social Activism Poster