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US History


  • Understand the cause and effect relationship between events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement
  • Identify strategies used to fight segregation during the Civil Rights Movement
  • Predict possible future Civil Rights issues, analyze methods used to fight segregation and the major civil rights organizations leading this movement

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Unit 3 Playlist Civil Rights and Social Movements


  1. Discuss Unit 3
  2. In Unit 3 Folder/Preview Civil Rights Pre-Test Writing Analysis Question
  3. Go over first choice assign due 4/30 or 5/1:

IB History of the Americas


  • Develop and understanding of the political implications of WWI on Canada and its effect on the creation of a national identity.
  • Evaluate the political, social and economic impact of WWI on Canada as a nation.

Bell Ringer:

Review Term Notes Forming a National Identity


  1. Discuss ideas of Canadian National Identity
  2. Read “Emergence” Text pages 146-48, 152-53 and 156-58.
  3. Complete Canadian Identity Discussion
  4. Review Unit 3 Formative Quiz Due tom/wed
  5. Prepare for Open Note Final Tue/Wed

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