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US History 


  • Describe the positive and negative effects of domestic and foreign policy decisions of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter on their legacy as American presidents.
  • Analyze how the Cold War  impacted political history through the influence of economic, social and environmental issues.

Bell Ringer:

Work on Unit Summative


  1. Intro Unit 2 Summative due by 4/24 (1st hr)  4/25 (6 and 7th)!
    • To score a 2:  Take Unit 2 Objective Sum Pt. II
    • To score a 3/4:  Take Unit 2 Sum Show Me What you Know Proj


  1. Announcements
  2. Review PP Process Requirements
  3. Mid-Tri Review

IB History of the Americas p. 4


  • Identify the economic, political and social impact of WWI on Canada.
  • Analyze the economic context of mobilization for Canada in WWI.
  • Evaluate the effect of economic mobilization for war by Canada on conscription.

Bell Ringer:

Review Economic Mobilization Notes


  1. Discuss Econ Mobilization in Canada for WWI
  2. Mobilization Media Presentation p 160-69 in the HOA Companion Text or the net:
    • Manufacturing
    • Unemployment
    • Agricultural Production
    • Trade
  3. Present Picture and 3 Details
  4. Complete Mobilization Discussion
  5. Read Illustrated Hist of CA and Ch 10 Destinies

IB History of the Americas p. 5


  • Understand and outline the debate over Canadian conscription at the outset of the WWI war.
  • Interview and organize the ideas of those in favor of volunteering or conscription.

Bell Ringer:

Volunteering vs. Conscription Notes


  1. Discuss Volunteering vs. Conscription Notes
  2. Read p 148-53 “Emergence” Text
  3. Discuss Reasons for Volunteering vs. Conscription
  4. Complete Conscription Debate Discussion
  5. Read Illustrated Hist of CA and Ch 10 Destinies

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