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US History


  • Explain the different post-war goals of the Soviet Union and the United States and how that difference led to the Cold War.
  • What policies did the US use in its global struggle against the Soviet Union?

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Unit 2 Playlists.  Set goal for Summatives.


  1. Review Unit 2 Playlist.  2 Summatives this Unit!!!!
  2. Intro Attendance Assign due by end of week!  Cold War Pretest
  3. Go over choice formatives due 4/2:
    • To score a 2:   #1 Unit 2 the Cold War Intro Discussion which includes watching Crash Course and CNN Cold War on Marshall Plan questions,  #2 Ch 18 VOC And  #3 Cold War Quiz.
    • To score a 3: the Korean War Doc Analysis
    • To score a 4: the Cold War Essay Assign

IB History of the Americas


  • Outline US foreign policy at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Develop and create a media presentation highlighting the evaluation of this policy using political propaganda/cartoons from the time.

Bell Ringer:

Access Unit 2 and Review Prezi


  1. Discuss American Diplomacy at Turn of 20th Century
  2. Read from p. 133-137 in HOA text:
    • Open Door Policy
    • Big Stick
    • Teddy Roosevelt
    • The Panama Canal
    • Roosevelt Corollary
    • Extraterritoriality
  3. Create Media Presentation of Political Cartoon that Describes Assigned Topic
  4. Read Ch 21
  5. Unit 1 Summative Due 4/2 by midnight!

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