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IB History of the Americas


  • Explain the various ideological reasons for American expansion into global affairs.
  • Create a presentation using visual media to adequately describe the ideological reason for American expansion into global affairs.


  1. Discuss Ideological Reasons for American Expansionism Notes
  2. American Expansionism Media Pres:
    • Find a picture and summarize sections from HOA Text 117-24
      • Monroe Doctrine
      • Manifest Destiny
      • Expansion Morality
      • Practical Necessity
      • Economic Necessity
      • Political Necessity
      • Venezuela
  3. GR: Frederick Jackson Turner
  4. Read Ch 1-2 Emergence of Americas for Friday Summative

US History


  • Explain the banality of evil and the arguments for and against the use of the atomic bomb.

Bell Ringer:

Go to Independent folder and open #7 Isolationist vs. Interventionist


  1. Compare Isolationism and Intervening in WWII
  2. Review Formative choice assign due 3/18:
    • To score a 2:  #7 Isolation vs. Intervention Discussion and FDR #8 Mobilization for War and #9 Mobilization for War Quiz
    • To score a 3:  WWII RAFT and A-bomb Discussion
    • To score a 4:   D-Day Quiz and Hiroshima Research

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