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US History


  • Explain the rise of dictators, the beginnings of WWII and American response.
  • Identify and analyze the events of the Holocaust and its lasting affects.

Bell Ringer:

Access Band of Bros Discussion


  1. Watch Band of Bros video as whole group
  2. Discuss Choice Assign due by start of next class
  3. Individual Review Past Form


IB History of the Americas


  • Explain the reasons and methods that countries in the Americas became involved in global affairs.
  • Organize ideas and information to propose comparisons, responses and reflections about American involvement in global affairs through a socratic seminar.

Bell Ringer:

Move into assigned small groups


  1. Small Group Discussion/Emergence of America Readings I
  2. Large Group Soc Sem
  3. Read Ch 1 and 2 of Emergence of Americas Text by Fri


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