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US History p. 1


  • I can identify, explain and evaluate the causes and effects of the Great Depression and understand how the New Deal impacted the role of government by responding to a prompt and creating a graphic organizer.  
  • I can develop a research question with appropriate details to investigate the topic further.

Bell Ringer:

Log on to Kahoot


  1. Unit 5 1920s and Great Depression Kahoot
  2. Review Unit 5 Summative
    • To score a 2:  Objective Summative is Open!
    • To score a 3:  Find Source/OPVL and Graphic Organizer
    • To score a 4:  Find Source/OPVL and Graphic Organizer as well as Develop Research Questions


  1. Announcements
  2. “Pay Gap” Reading Link
  3. Reciprocal Teaching

IB History of the Americas p. 4


  • Explain the philosophical differences of economic and social reform expressed by Civil Rights leaders Booker T Washington, WEB Dubois and Marcus Garvey.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Booker T Washington, WEB Dubois and Marcus Garvey’s influence on the economic and social condition of African American in the late 19th century and early 20th American society.

Bell Ringer:

Finish Booker T/ WEB and Garvey Discussion


  1. Discuss answers
  2. Philosophical Chairs
  3. Complete Outline Based on Discussion
  4. The “New Jim Crow” Reading Assign Due Friday

IB History of the Americas p. 5


  • Create a perspective using historiography through the examination of the Mockumentary “The Confederate States of America.”

Bell Ringer:

Access GV:  CSA Mockumentary


  1. Watch “Confederate States of America” and answer questions
  2. Read “The New Jim Crow” and complete questions
  3. Movie and Reading questions due Friday!!!

US History p. 7


  • What was the New Deal and how did it change American government?

Bell Ringer:

Access New Deal Poster Analysis in Collab Folder


  1. Review Web/Question Process
  2. Go over New Deal Poster and apply to webs/go over Choice Assign due today:

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