US History

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US History


  • Develop and write questions that relate to their own desires for knowledge in history.
  • Create a detailed plan to find answers to the questions.
  • Choose artifacts and methods to show others the answers they found to their own questions.

Bell Ringer:

Fill out Task Sheet/To do today  Group Rubrics and Discussions


  1. Review PBL Questions
  2. Finish all Tasks by Friday
  3. Fill out Personal Reflection Sheet/Turn in today!

IB History of the Americas


  • Analyze the significance of social, intellectual, and technological changes of lifestyles in the United States.
  • Describe challenges to traditional practices in religion, race, and gender.

Bell Ringer:

Submit Video Portfolios


  1. Review Peer Edit Sheets
  2. Watch and assess videos
  3. Complete Booker T, WEB and Marcus Discussion

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