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US History


  • Identify the affect of industrialization and urbanization on the land, economy, labor, society and politics.
  • Identify significant people involved with the industrialization and urbanization of America during the 19th century.
  • Analyze the impact of the railroads on American geography.
  • Identify the aspects of big business which arose with industrialization and their affect on labor.
  • Analyze the ideas and elements of business strategies during the 19th century which led to big business and how they impacted the rise of labor.

Bell Ringer:

Review Unit 2 folder–> Independent #4 Railroad Questions


  1. Discuss #4 Railroad Analysis Questions
  2. Review Choice Assessments due 1/4:
    • To score a 2:  #4 Railroad Analysis Questions, #5 Ch 14 VOC and #6 Ch 14 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3:  GR:  Modern America Emerges, Labor and Industry,
    • To score a 4:  the Faces at turn of the Century Goose Chase and Quiz
  3. Goose Chase Top 3 Get Coins!!!

IB History of the Americas


  • Identify events and people surrounding the Market Revolution in the US.
  • Analyze the relationship between the geographical expansion west in the US and the rise of the Market Revolution.

Bell Ringer:

Finish “Billion Dollar Country” Reading/Market Rev RAFT


  1. Work on reading and RAFT
  2. Discuss Rise of Populism Notes
  3. Reading Notes due Monday:
    • American Promise Text 305-314 and 339-357
    • “The Planting of the West,” from The Penguin History of the USA.  Brogan, Hugh.  P. 219-48. On Schoology

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