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US History


  • Develop and write questions that relate to their own desires for knowledge in history.
  • Create a detailed plan to find answers to the questions.
  • Choose artifacts and methods to show others the answers they found to their own questions.

Bell Ringer:

Sit in PBL Groups/Design Folders with Group Name


  1. Review PBL Management Docs
  2. Begin Step 2 Project Design
  3. Complete Step 3 Last 10 minutes of class
  4. Turn in completed Docs in Folder at end of class

IB History of the Americas


  • Analyze the institution of slavery in the Americas.
  • Develop a conclusion evaluating the condition of the institution of slavery throughout the region.

Bell Ringer:

Read What was slavery? reading in Schoology 27-30


  1. Complete Reading
  2. Philosophical Chairs
  3. Slave Community Discussion Due tonight

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