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US History p. 1


  • Summarize key points of the Gettysburg Address and identify the final events of the Civil War.
  • Explain the impact and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, “Stonewall” Jackson,  Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, George McClellan, Clara Barton and William Tecumseh Sherman
  • Identify the causes and effects of the Civil War on the US.
  • Analyze the causes and effects of the Civil War on American politics, economy and society.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Unit 1 Playlists


  1. Review Gettysburg Address Discussion  “is” vs. “are”
  2. Go over Choice Assign due 12/7:


  1. Announcements
  2. Phases of Decision Making PP
  3. Complete Worksheet as Group

IB History of the Americas p. 4


  • Identify the institution of slavery and its origins.
  • Analyze the institution of slavery in the Americas its origins, the condition of its members the adaptations and resistance to it over time.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare Peculiar Institution Reading Presentations


  1. Give Presentations
  2. Watch Slavery Today/Video Complete Discussion
  3. Present Slavery and the South Notes
  4. Read “Life of a Slave Girl” and take Reading Quiz for HW

IB History of the Americas p. 5


  • Identify the conditions of free blacks in the American North during the early 19th century.
  • Analyze the condition “freedom” for African Americans in North America during the early to mid 19th century.

Bell Ringer:

Work on What’s Up Doc? Frederick Douglass


  1. Work on What’s Up Doc? Doc Analysis
  2. American Promise Notes p. 54-80/p. 112-42


US History p. 7


Develop and write questions that relate to their own desires for knowledge in history.

Create a detailed plan to find answers to the questions.

Choose artifacts and methods to show others the answers they found to their own questions.

Bell Ringer:

Go to Schoology Page/in PBL Folder go to Facticious Link


Play Facticious/Write Down Score when done

Choose and Watch Frontline Episode

Complete Question Matrix for Next Class Period

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