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US History p. 1


  • Analyze the ideas of reform which swept the US in the 19th century.
  • Examine and describe the link between religious reform, abolitionism, the market revolution and westward expansion and its relationship to political disunion in the US.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare to take notes on Reform Movement info


  1. Discuss how Reform Movements begin
  2. Intro Choice Assign due 11/2:
    • To score a 2:  #1 Ch 8 VOC and #2 Ch 8 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3:  #3 GR:  Civil Disobedience
    • To score a 4:  Abolitionism E-Paper Hyperdoc


  1. Review SMART Goals/complete assign
  2. Seeking Help Assign due 10/31
  3. Halloween Party/Movie

IB History of the Americas p. 4


  • Identify the significant events and ideas of British taxation that increased ideas of American Independence.
  • Analyze the events that led to the Revolutionary War using methods of historical inquiry.
  • Sequence the events that led to American victory in the Revolutionary War.
  • Analyze the events which led to American victory in the Revolutionary War over British.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Enlightenment Writers Discussion


  1. Work on Discussion
  2. Present Advantage/Disadvantage and Timeline Notes
  3. Who Won the War Reading 89-92 in Ind Movements

IB History of the Americas p. 5


  • Analyze the events leading to the conclusion of the Revolutionary War .
  • Develop a conclusion evaluating the real winners and/or losers of the war.
  • Identify and describe the events, people and ideas of the Wars of Liberation in Central and South America from 1810-1825.
  • Analyze and compare the revolutions that swept through the Americas in the 18th century.

Bell Ringer:

Read the Who Won the War Reading 89-92 from Ind Movements


  1. Prepare statements to argue
  2. Philosophical Chairs/Reflection
  3. Wars of Liberation Notes I
  4. Read Ch 3 of Independence Movements by Monday

US History p. 7


  • Analyze the impact of westward expansion on native lands and culture as well as slavery.
  • Examine the impact of technology on the rise of an industrialization of America.
  • Evaluate the growing trends of democracy in the 19th century.
  • Analyze the growth of reform movements in the 19th century.

Bell Ringer:

Log in to Kahoot Review


  • Play Kahoot Unit 4
  • Take “American Progress” Summative
  • Finish all Unit 4 Formatives/Start Unit 5 Civil War Playlist

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