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US History p. 1


  • Identify balance of trade and the consequences of its importance in colonies.
  • Discuss the issues that would result as tensions between Britain and colonies increased.

Bell Ringer:

Open What’s Up Doc?  History as Dividing Line


  1. Discuss OPVL
  2. Review Unit 2 Playlist and review formatives due Tonight!
    • To score a 2: #1 Why Slavery Web Discussion, #2 Ch 3 VOC and #3 Ch 3 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3: GR Stono Rebellion
    • To score a 4:What’s Up Doc?  History as Dividing Line

IB History of the Americas


  • Identify the roles of leadership shown by Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in the American Revolution.
  • Analyze Common Sense and The Declaration of Independence to compare Pain and Jefferson’s role as leaders.

Bell Ringer:

View Paine vs. Jefferson T-Chart


  1. Discuss Paine vs. Jefferson
  2. Fill out chart HOA Comp p 22 and 32
  3. Complete Paine vs. Jefferson Assignment
  4. Read Ch 4 of Ind Move Text

US History p. 6/7


  • Describe the effects of the Great Awakening and Age of Enlightenment on colonies.
  • Understand the implications of the Enlightenment towards independence.

Bell Ringer:

Complete #4 Age of Enlightenment Discussion


  1. Review Discussion/Watch Video
  2. Review choice assignments due tom/wed
    • To score a 2:  #4 Age of Enlightenment Discussion , #5 Ch 3 Sec 4/Ch 4 Sec 1 VOC  and #6 Ch 3 Sec 4/Ch 4 Sec 1 VOC Quiz
    • To score a 3:  GR French and Indian War
    • To score a 4:  What’s Up Doc? Ben Franklin

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