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  1. I Am Poems
  2. Locker Assignments
  3. Questions????

US History


  • Identify instructor and background.
  • Explain one element about the background of instructor or fellow student.
  • Understand and summarize main ideas of classroom procedures, expectations and objectives.
  • Analyze thematic focus of course.

Bell Ringer:

Read “I am…”  Poems at front of room


  1. Model “I am…”  Poem
  2. Write “I am…”  Poem
  3. Choose 2 and Post it Effort Activity
  4. Expectations Review
  5. Scavenger Hunt Due Tom!

IB History of the Americas


  • Identify the requirements for the HL IB year 2 course.
  • Organize and plan a presentation about their summer break.
  • Create a creative presentation that details the account of their summer.
  • Analyze the presentations of students to evaluate what would be the most accurate account of the summer break.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up and read through My Summer Presentations sheets


  1. Review GRASP for projects
  2. Brainstorm top 3 events in small groups
  3. Discuss brainstorms with Mr. W
  4. Presentation Due Friday