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US History


  • Analyze and evaluate liberalism vs conservativism in domestic and foreign affairs.
  • Analyze US involvement in the Persian Gulf War and other Occupational Wars.
  • Analyze the Clinton and Bush presidency.

Bell Ringer:

View Nearpod Survey


  1. Discuss Liberal/Conservative Survey
  2. Review Form Assessments 2/3/4:
    • To score a 2:   #5 GR  Desert Storm Quiz and #6  GV Clinton GV: Clinton at
    • To score a 3:Conserv vs Liberal Survey and Discussion: 
    • To Score a 4:  Occupational Wars CLSAssign
  3. Assign due by 2pm

IB 20th Century World


  • Synthesize a selection of sources to answer a question with respect to apartheid in South Africa.

Bell Ringer:

Read p 197-201 in Rights Text


  1. Discuss Question 16 Example
  2. Take Paper 1 Ch 5 Question 16 Summative
  3. Review Ch 6 Protests and Action Assign/ Final!!!

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