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US History 


  • Analyze the ideas and elements behind the Watergate Scandal and the chain of events which led to Gerald Ford’s presidency.
  • Evaluate the role of the global economy on the 1970s energy crisis and its impact on the Ford and Carter presidencies.

Bell Ringer:

Take Unit 3 Survey


  1. Take Surveys
  2. Distribute Unit 4 Playlist
  3. Discuss 2/3/4 Assign:

IB 20th Century World


  • Explain the impact of South African bureaucracy and English autonomy had on apartheid.
  • Evaluate the examples of South African bureaucracy and its impact on SA society.

Bell Ringer:

Review Native Affairs Discussion


  1. Discuss Native Affairs Office
  2. Complete South African Bureaucracy Media Pres
    • Population Regulation Act p. 24-45
    • Mixed Marriage and Immortality Laws p. 26
    • Reservation and Separate Amenities Act p. 27-28
    • Bantu Education Act p. 35-38
    • Bantu Authorities Act p. 39-44
  3. No Homework Enjoy the Weekend!

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