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US History


  • Describe Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s political positions and how they were affected by past administrations.
  • Analyze the factors which influenced Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidencies and politics
  • Analyze Carter’s response to the hostage crisis in Iran.
  • Simulate the processes used by Carter in the Iran hostage crisis.

Bell Ringer:

Open #14 in the Independent Folder


  1. Play Ford and Carter Intro
  2. Intro 2/3/4 Assignments Due 4/23 end of day:
    1. To score a 2:  # 14 VOC Ch 24 Sec 3 VOC, #15 GV:  Jimmy Carter American Exp and #16 Ford and Carter Quiz
    2. To score a 3:  1970s Goose Chase
    3. To score a 4:  Iran Hostage Crisis Simulation
  3. Discuss Choices to Groups

IB 20th Century World


  • Explain the background of the Civil Rights Movement from the rise of segregation and through the development of the NAACP.
  • Analyze the impact of the NAACP on the Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision of 1954.

Bell Ringer:

Share all Kahoot Games with “wachholza” ON KAHOOT!!!


  1. Play Case Study #1 VOC Tournament
  2. Review Ch 1 Assignments/Will work on Monday

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