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US History


  • Explain the different post-war goals of the Soviet Union and the United States and how that difference led to the Cold War.
  • Explain the policies the US used in its global struggle against the Soviet Union.

Bell Ringer:

Find New Assigned Seat looking for Name on Post its


  1. Review Unit 2 Cold War Playlist/Intro First Assign
  2. Access Schoology Unit 2 My Learning Survey/Submit after Section 5
  3. Present Unit 2 Cold War Pretest
  4. Pretest Due Wed for Tues Attendance

IB 20th Century War


  • Analyze the causes, conduct and consequences of 20th century war.
  • Identify terms and phrases that apply to ideas presented by Robert McNamara’s “Fog of War.”

Bell Ringer:

Complete Causes of War Discussion/Use attached text


  1. Causes of War Discussion/Review
  2. Fog of War VOC Due Wed
  3. Read “Fog of War” Synopsis


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