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IB 20th Century World


  • Identify the people, parties and events that led to rise of Nationalists and Republicans and International fighting forces of Spanish Civil War.
  • Summarize the ideas of the Nationalists or Republicans to create a convincing ad to earn foreign intervention for your side.
  • Sequence the most significant events and battles of the Spanish Civil War.
  • Examine and analyze the impact on the outcome of the Spanish Civil War several of the major battles.
  • Categorize and create a graphic organizer to understand multiple 20th century wars for their causes, combatants and effects.
  • Analyze multiple 20th century wars in different regions as it relates to their causes, combatants and effects.

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  1. Watch Ads/Self Assess
  2. Spanish Civil War Graphic Organizer
  3. Portfolios Due Monday
  4. Timed Essay on Monday!!!!