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US History


  • Identify 13th, 14th and 15thamendments and their effect on the social improvement of blacks in the South.
  • Compare and contrast the impact of Emancipation Proclamation to Amendments to the Constitution and specific acts to improve social well being of southern blacks.
  • List the economic effects in the South after the Civil War and the answers to these issues.
  • Understand the implications of sharecropping and tenant farming as a result of social change in the South.

Bell Ringer:

Review Tasks below/Which have you completed?


  1. Move into Assigned Groups
    • Task 1: Work on Choice Assign
      • #14 Ch 12 Sec 1-4 VOC
      • Emancipation vs. Amendments Discussion
      • Why Reconstruction Failed Assign?
    • Task 2:  Work on Reconstruction Chart/Radical Reconstruction Discussion
    • Task 3:  Work on Unit 1 Summative Civil War Timeline
    • Task 4:  Complete Formative Objective Quiz
  2. All Four of these Tasks Should be completed by end of the Week!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Evaluate sources covering with questions dealing with an area of historical investigation.

Bell Ringer:

Open IA Historical Investigation Prezi and Review OPVL


  1. Discuss IA Questions
  2. Review OPVL
  3. OPVL Discussion/Presentation
  4. Recorders Post to Discussion by start of class tom (include group members names in post)

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