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US History


  • Analyze the impact of the War with Mexico on westward expansion and its relationship to the US economy.
  • Analyze historical sources to understand the political relationship with the expansion into Mexico.
  • Identify terms, dates and events significant to the War and its effects.
  • Analyze the developments of the Civil War through research of primary and secondary sources.
  • Identify the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Stephen Douglas, the “Pottawatomie Massacre” and John Brown.
  • Judge the issue of popular sovereignty provided by Stephen Douglas which led to the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act as well as the violence which erupted in Kansas as a result of its passing.

Bell Ringer:

Take #4 Ch 9 VOC Quiz


  1. Complete Quiz
  2. Open Mexico and Compromise Discussion/Pair Share and submit
  3. Move into groups
  4. Lincoln, Patriotism and Mexican War Docs
  5. Choice Assign: (finish 2 of 3 by Friday)
    • #5 Ch 10 Sec 1-2 VOC
    • GR The Union in Peril
    • Civil War Webquest
  6. Complete #6 Ch 10 Sec 1-2 VOC by Monday!!!
  7. Intro New Coin Winning System

IB 20th Century World 


  • Analyze the factors which lead to Guerrilla War and challenges this warfare presents to combatants.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Guerrilla War Discussion


  1. Pair Share Discussion
  2. Intro 20th Century Guerrilla War Assignment/Groups 2-3
  3. Assign Wars 8 Groups 2-3 people
  4. Present Tom

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