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US History


  • Identify nationalism and its economic, social and historical effect on the United States.
  • Analyze the effect of Indian removal on American history.
  • Identify Andrew Jackson and his political ideas during his presidency.
  • Analyze the historical relevance of Jacksonian politics.

Bell Ringer:

Review Choice Assignments below


  1. Choice Assign:  
    • #7 Ch 7 Sec 1-2
    • GR:  Nationalism and Westward Expansion
    • #8 GR:  Haynes-Webster Debate
  2. Take #9 Ch 7 Sec 1-2 Quiz by end of class
  3. Preview Final Summative Option 1:  Abolitionist E-Paper Hyperdoc

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze the effectiveness of each leader in the fight for Vietnamese independence.

Bell Ringer:

Sit in Assigned Groups


  1. Complete Reading for Assigned Leader
  2. Take notes/Questions
  3. Socratic Seminar/Self Eval
  4. Complete Short/Long Term Effects of Vietnam War Discussion by Monday

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