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US History


  • Describe the cause and effect of the industrial revolution in the US.
  • Analyze the relationship between technology and its effect on bringing the industrial revolution to come to the US.

Bell Ringer:

Review Playlist


  1. Choice Assign:  You must do two of the following three assignments
    • #5 VOC Ch 7 Sec 3-4
    • Mill Worker RAFT
    • Market Revolution Webquest.
  2. Complete #6 VOC Ch 7 Sec 3-4 Quiz by end of class!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify major ideas, people and events which played a role in the origins of independence in Vietnam in the mid 20th century.
  • Analyze the visual imagery of the Buddhist monks self-immolation for its values and limitations as a historical source.

Bell Ringer:

Complete VOC #2


  1. Review Terms VOC #2
  2. Complete VOC #2 by end of class
  3. What’s Up Doc?  Buddhist Monk


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