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US History


  • Analyze the organization and powers of the federal government between 1783 and 1800
  • Explain the debate over the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights; explain the origins of the two-party system and the significance of the election of 1800.

Bell Ringer:

Log in to Kahoot


  1. Unit 3 Kahoot Review
  2. Take Unit 3 American Politics Formative Objective Quiz
  3. Unit 3 American Political Parties Summative Hyperdoc due Monday

IB 20th Century World


  • Compare the African and European perspectives of independence in various African nations.
  • Analyze the impact of European colonization on democratic independence in different African nations.
  • Identify key events, people and ideas that apply to the independence of India and various African nations.
  • Apply ideas from African Independence to essay questions for paper 2 exam.

Bell Ringer:

Open Paper 2 Topic 8 Portfolio Summative Google Drive


  1. Discuss Trimester Summative/Start compiling Portfolio from Drive
  2. Finish African Independence Movements Project Due at Midnight!!!

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