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US History


  • Identify and understand the American Republic, the Articles of Confederation and compromises that led to the ratifying of the constitution.
  • Explain the events of the Constitutional Convention and implications on American political history.
  • Identify terms that deal with early political ideas of Washington.
  • Analyze the political ideas which emerged under Washington with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

Bell Ringer:

Sit with groups


  1. Finish Philosophers of Govt Summative
  2. Begin What’s Up Doc? GW Presidency
  3. Choice Assign:  
    • #4 Ch 6 Sec 1 VOC
    • The Hamilton vs. Jefferson Essay
    • What is the Constitution Disc?
  4. Finish #5 Ch 6 Sec 1 VOC by end of class Friday

IB 20th Century World


  • Compare perspectives of the independence in African countries in the mid-20th century.
  • Analyze perspectives of independence of African countries in the 20th century and develop a thesis to explain ideas which apply to their own perspective.

Bell Ringer:

Access the Boahen v. Davidson T-Chart


  1. Partner Read Boahen and Davidson Texts
  2. Complete Charts by end of class
  3. African Independence Perspectives Due tom

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