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US History


  • Reflect on student learning from Unit 2 and set goals for motivation in Unit 3.
  • Identify and understand the American Republic, the Articles of Confederation and compromises that led to the ratifying of the constitution.
  • Explain the events of the Constitutional Convention and implications on American political history.

Bell Ringer:

Open Multiple Intelligences Assessment Survey


  1. Take Survey
  2. Review Intelligences and answer questions/Submit in Schoology
  3. Finish Unit 2 Reflections
  4. Discuss Unit 3 Goals/Timelines
  5. Complete Unit 3 Intro Presentation
  6. Choice Assign:#2 VOC Ch 5 Sec 1-3, Who do you Trust? Discussion and What’s Up Doc? Federal Pillars.  

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify the differing views of colonization in Ghana, Congo, Algeria and Kenya.
  • Analyze and present the perspectives of colonization as they relate to European and African perspectives.  
  • Create a political cartoon and present its meaning of perspective on African colonization.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare Group Presentations


  1. Present Case Studies/Fill out charts
  2. Complete Self Reflections and turn in

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