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US History P. 3/4


  • Identify terms, dates and events significant to the Revolutionary War and its effects.
  • Analyze the developments of the Revolutionary War through research of primary and secondary sources.

Bell Ringer:

Take Quiz if name is in yellow


  1. Unit 2 American Revolution Formative Objective Quiz
  2. Unit 2 American Revolution Timeline Summative Hyperdoc Due at end of class

IB 20th Century World P. 6/7


  • Identify the differing views of colonization in Ghana, Congo, Algeria and Kenya.
  • Analyze and present the perspectives of colonization as they relate to European and African perspectives.
  • Create a political cartoon and present its meaning of perspective on African colonization.

Bell Ringer:

Move into assigned groups


  1. Present African Colonization Case Studies
  2. Create Presentation for Monday

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