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US History


  • Identify Patriots vs. Loyalists and compare their involvement in the eventual road to Independence from British rule.
  • Analyze the effects of peoples actions towards independence.

Bell Ringer:

Finish #9 Ch 4 Sec 2-4 VOC Quiz or start Tyranny vs. Rebellion Discussion


  1. Tyranny vs. Rebellion Discussion
  2. Choice Assign:   Faces of Independence Chart, GV Liberty and What’s Up Doc? Mob Rule.
  3. #10 Faces of Liberty finished by Friday at end of class
  4. Unit 2 Formative Quiz / Summative next week

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze the immediate effects of an independent India.
  • Apply ideas of origin, methods and effects of independence in India in 19thand 20th centuries.

Bell Ringer:

Take India Quiz


  1. Finish Quiz
  2. Present Summative
  3. Prepare for Summative Friday

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