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US History 


  • Identify the original settlements in America.
  • Discuss the social implications of differences between settlements and eventual colonies.
  • Analyze the cause and effect relationships of economic and social differences between the colonies.

Bell Ringer:

Log in to Kahoot


  1. Unit 1 Kahoot Review
  2. Unit 1 Formative Objective Assessment
  3. Unit 1 Summative Due Wed/Thurs end of class

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify and explain the ideas and methods of Gandhi’s role in Indian independence.
  • Analyze and evaluate the role of Gandhi’s methods of civil disobedience in establishing the independence from colonial rule.

Bell Ringer:

Finish Gandhi Discussion


  1.  Review Gandhi Disc
  2. Philosophical Chairs  Gandhi:  Myth or Legend
  3. Complete Reflection Questions

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