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US History 


  • Identify terms related to early European civilization and exploration.
  • Identify terms related to Spanish colonization of the New World.
  • Describe some of the social consequences of their presence in the New World as the result of intentions. 

Bell Ringer:

Review Choice Assign/Finish Cause-Effect Essay


  1. Finish Essay
  2. Choice Assign: #5 VOC Ch 2 Sec 1-3, #6 GR: Cortez the Killer and GR:  Europe and the Colonies.
  3. Must have # 7 Ch 2 Sec 1-3 Quiz Finished Tues/Wed end of class!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze the impact of WWII on the independence movement in India in the 20th century.
  • Apply information gathered from various sources to create a presentation that evaluates information presented in various secondary and primary sources about the impact of WWII on Indian Independence in the 20th century.

Bell Ringer:

Move into groups from Friday


  1.  Review Notes/Terms
  2. Assign Readings
  3. Complete India and WWII Research Docs

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