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US History B


  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the United States and Southeast Asia.

Bell Ringer:

Take out Playlists


  1. Review Playlist Dates
  2. GV Vietnam and Homefront Discussion
  3. Ind Choice:  Natives vs. Latinos
  4. Small Group Choice:  #1 GR Kent St Massacre/#2 Ch 17 Sec 3 VOC
  5. Must finish #3 Ch 17 Sec 3 VOC Quiz by 4/19 for Attendance!!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze how apartheid affected SA society.
  • Evaluate the social impact of apartheid on SA.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Rights and Protest book and open to p 174


  1. Review chart on p 174
  2. Complete Effect of Apartheid on SA Society Thesis/Outline Assign end of day
  3. National Party Electoral Discussion due tom

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