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US History B


  • Identify how America became involved in Vietnam, the methods of jungle warfare and its effect on soldiers fighting in Vietnam as well as themes common with fighting in Vietnam.
  • Describe the TET offensive and its effect on the American Public
  • Explain the domestic turbulence of 1968 and its impact on the 1968 presidential election
  • Describe Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization and the end of US involvement and the final outcome in Vietnam
  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the US and Southeast Asia

Bell Ringer:

Review and complete choice assignemnts


  1. Small Group/Independent Choice: (Complete three!!!)
    • the #8 Ch 16 Sec 3/4 VOC
    • GR: Vietnam This is the End
    • GV: Tet, Hue and 1968
    • Secret War Discussion
  2. Be prepared to take Form Obj Quiz tom/wed!!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify the origins and ideas of apartheid in South Africa and explain how it became law.
  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of social and political factors which led to apartheid in South Africa.

Bell Ringer:

Complete the What is Apartheid? Discussion on Schoology


  1. Work on Discussion
  2. Go over ideas from Discussion
  3. VOC #1 p. 120-124 in Rights Text
  4. Kahoot Games due Tues/Wed
  5. Read from Clinton Text p. 14-19.

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