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US History B


  • Identify how America became involved in Vietnam, the methods of jungle warfare and its effect on soldiers fighting in Vietnam as well as themes common with fighting in Vietnam.
  • Describe the TET offensive and its effect on the American Public
  • Explain the domestic turbulence of 1968 and its impact on the 1968 presidential election
  • Describe Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization and the end of US involvement and the final outcome in Vietnam
  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the US and Southeast Asia

Bell Ringer:

Take out paper/notepad for notes


  1. Whole Group:Vietnam This is the End
  2. Small Group/Independent Choice: (Complete three!!!)
    • the #8 Ch 16 Sec 3/4 VOC
    • GR: Vietnam This is the End
    • GV: Tet, Hue and 1968
    • Secret War Discussion
  3. Have a Good and Safe Spring Break!!!!

IB 20th Century World


  • Analyze a source to assess its value and limitations based on its origin and purpose relating to the protests, actions and significance of members of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

Bell Ringer:

Read p 72-75 in Rights Text


  1. Discuss Question 14/Breakdown
  2. Summative OPVL 15 minutes
  3. Peer Assess
  4. Have a Good and Safe Spring Break!!!!

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